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A New Day for Gift Planning

From the Trenches

  • Conversion of Planned Gifts from Revocable to Irrevocable: Issues and Opportunities

Speaker: Phil Purcell

February 3, 2022 @ 11:00 AM PDT

A significant percentage of planned gifts that are deferred are revocable. This session will provide an overview of these techniques and their importance in the achievement of annual and campaign goals. The potential of conversion of revocable to irrevocable gifts may be a helpful strategy to consider for selected donors. This session will explore aspects of converting revocable to irrevocable gifts primarily with irrevocable testamentary pledges or contract to make a will.

  • Pathway to Philanthropist: How FIU is Redefining Charitable Giving

Speaker: Livia Souza, Laura Padron

April 6, 2022 @ 11:00 AM PDT

FIU's Pathway to Philanthropist program (P2P) uses innovative gift tactics that embrace the ever-changing face of philanthropy, making it attainable for any mid-level capacity donor, regardless of age, to have prominent impact in his or her community as premier philanthropists. P2P empowers supporters to align their charitable giving with the university's strategic priorities by advancing all avenues of need within FIU as top donors giving to endowment, current scholarship support or building and construction projects, as well as establishing an irrevocable planned gift. Donors are presented with a unique giving structure that leverages their capacity to yield the greatest impact and recognition - while accommodating to their age and life stage, as well as to their personal, financial, estate planning, and philanthropic goals. Ultimately, P2P is a roadmap for fundraisers to broaden their base and leverage donor capacity for major gift impact, securing funding for current and future initiatives at their institutions, and revolutionizing charitable giving. P2P gives fundraising professionals the tools needed to expand their roles and become philanthropy specialists by guiding, educating, and creating philanthropists today and inspiring the future generation of philanthropists for sustainable impact for their organization.

  • 3-Tier Estate Gift Planning: Creating Gold, Silver, & Bronze Level Gifting Goals in Dynamic Estate Proposals

Speaker: Marc Littlecott

April 27, 2022 @ 11:00 AM PDT

Elite gift planners know they must differentiate themselves if they stand any chance of being a key element, if not driver in the estate planning journey. This session explores asking dynamic questions that can challenge donor (and advisor) paradigms about charitable goals, exposing gaps in thinking. Proposals are enhanced by identifying three distinct kinds of charitable gifts that are possible in an estate plan, thus making them more likely to be adopted. Gold Level gifts are transformative and truly become driving factors in the overall planning strategy. Silver Level planned gifts are normally used to replace annual contributions to various causes, while Bronze Level are what are described as "Parting Gifts".