Building Toward the Future


A New Day for Gift Planning

The Language of Gift Planning

  • Yes, You Do Have Time! The 72-Hour Planned Giving Program

Speaker: Judith Smith

You're busy. I get that. I've been there as an ED/Development/Marketing team of one. Let me show you how to select volunteers and allocate activities to start (or reinvigorate) your planned giving program. Bring your calendar and your development plan and let me show you how to build a successful planned giving program in only six hours a month. Really!

  • No Magic Words, Only Good Process: Navigating Planned Gift Conversations

Speaker: Jason James Shuba

Trillions will be passed down to subsequent generations over the next thirty years. Your well-timed gift planning conversations will ensure your organization isn't left out of the process. Are you comfortable bringing up the topic of a planned gift with a long-time supporter of your mission? Are you prepared to respond effectively if a donor mentions he's thinking of including your organization in his will? Or if she says she's considering making your institution the beneficiary of her insurance policy? Or if he has already provided for your cause in his living trust but doesn't want to share a crumb of paperwork? This session will help you feel more at ease in these conversations by offering you prompts and specific suggestions you can call on during your own donor work, including language for:

  • Situations where a donor is only thinking about one of these gift commitments versus when a donor has already finalized one of them
  • Ensuring a gift commitment is structured appropriately/written in a way that matches a donor's intent
  • Exploring a gift commitment's value or donor's privacy preferences
  • Asking for material from a donor's estate planning documentation and stewarding a planned gift commitment long after it's been recorded
  • Give My Regards to Broadway: Planned Giving Lessons from Musical Theater

Speaker: Joseph Thiegs

In this session, we'll explore important planned giving principles and techniques through the themes, lessons, and lenses of popular Broadway musicals. Have you ever wondered what piece of musical theater suggests a Flip CRUT? Maybe not, but attend this session and find out. You'll come away with perspectives, ideas, and tips for engaging donors in planned giving as well as improved technical gift planning knowledge...and perhaps you'll be singing a new tune as well.

  • The CGP Standards in Action

Speaker: Bruce Bigelow, Carol Kolmerten, Scott Jolly, David Jackson

In the fall of 2020, the National Association Charitable Gift Planners released the first-ever National Standards for Gift Planning Success (NSGPS). These standards, as recommended by the task force members who spent four years looking at best practices and current research, will be a living, breathing resource that will provide any and all fundraising shops with tools to ensure gift planning success.

Gift planning success stems from excellence in three broad categories: Support from the Top, The Ability and Capacity to Execute, and Donor-Centric Engagement.

This session will introduce our audience to the standards, offer suggestions of how to use the standards to evaluate and improve the planned giving programs at participants' institutions, and discuss practical accounts of how these standards play out in real life. Toward that end, we have assembled a team of presenters:

  • One of the members of the CGP Task Force that developed the Standards, to introduce the significance of the project
  • A Head of School to address the importance and process for engaging "Support from the Top"
  • An experienced development director to analyze "how to develop ability and capacity to execute"
  • A major donor to relate her experience of "donor centric engagement" and its impact on her own philanthropy