2022 Practical Planned Giving Conference

the Path Ahead

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Donor Relations

  • How much is enough?

Speaker: Charles Schultz

Many parents with midsized and larger estates would like to benefit children with an inheritance. We do not give inheritance to children to make them worse persons, but in the hope that they will become better persons. Quite often, parents who have midsized to large estates can transfer a substantial inheritance. But the parents ask the question, "How much is enough?"

  • Creating Extraordinary Donor Experiences

Speakers: Dawn Fleming, Margaret Fleming

Philanthropists have many demands for their attention from fundraising professionals just like you! How can you distinguish yourself from the rest and have donors look forward to your next call? In this session on donor cultivation, Dawn Fleming, CFRE and Margaret Fleming, MS will introduce a new donor cultivation framework referred to as "Extraordinary Donor Experiences" (EDEs). EDEs take a multidisciplinary approach to donor-centered communication using scientifically based techniques that infuse all your donor interactions with meaning and joy that help you hit your fundraising goals and keep your major and planned giving donors coming back for more. With over 35 years of combined experience in the social impact sector, this mother-daughter duo will present the EDE framework using evidenced-based positive psychology, carefully curated conversation starters, proven fundraising strategies, and marketing best practices that you can implement immediately to expand your success with donors - especially now as you prepare for year-end. Join us and learn how to build deeper connections with your wonderful donors!

  • Donor Relations - Keeping it Professional

Speaker: Julie Heggeness

Are you a friend or an advisor? How close is too close? Do you run errands? We will delve into the world of donor relations, what is proper, and what is too much.

  • Developing Loyal, Engaged and Happy Donors: Closing a Life-Income Gift of a Non-Cash Asset

Speaker: William Strickland

Life-income gifts of non-cash assets can represent significant gifts for charitable organizations and provide donors with substantial tax, financial and philanthropic benefits. However, the process of closing such gifts can be complex and time-consuming because it is dependent upon the donor's needs, expectations and personalities, as well as the needs of the charitable organizations. Using a case study, this session will detail the various stages gift planning officers must effectively lead their prospects and donors through to close a life-income gift funded with real estate and develop more engaged and satisfying donor relationships.