New Horizons

  • How Artificial Intelligence Deepens Relationships & Prompts Action for Planned Giving

Speaker: Adam Martel

Planned Giving is not an easy discipline. A planned giving officer's success is directly correlated to the cumulative quality of a relationship that's lasted years and potentially been managed by more than one person. There are so many opportunities for planned giving asks and relationships to fall flat over these extended periods of time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers planned givers to keep relationships thriving before gifts are realized by managing all of the touchpoints, birthday messages, visits, and other efforts that go into stewardship. Gravyty CEO Adam Martel explores how AI transforms what's possible in planned giving so organizations can achieve new milestones and deepen relationships like never before.

  • Marketing Plans Involving Surveys—Eblasts, Phone and Print Surveys

Speaker: BJ Dorman, Jeff Hesseltine

There are three primary types of Donor Surveys—Digital, Phone and Mail. A Donor Survey is designed to identify planned giving leads, bequest intentions, life income options as well as provide opportunities for engagement. The messaging of the survey is need-focused, i.e. protecting your family, helping with education, etc. For any of the survey types, the donor file selection is very important in determining success. Learn to develop a modeling strategy to identify donors most likely to make a planned gift. Review the outcomes of all three survey types.

  • Data-Driven Gift Planning

Speaker: Kristen Schultz Jaarda

What does data tell you about who your best prospects are for planned gifts and how to reach them? Discover the data points you need to be tracking to turn your database donor "suspects" into strong planned giving prospects. Learn about what these planned giving data points look like for a broad cross-section of charities nationwide and how to use aggregated data to benchmark and measure your organization's success.

  • How to effectively engage major and planned giving donors with digital media

Speaker: Bree Ermey, Matt O'Neill, Steven Walker

Digital marketing in the internet age has become an essential component of a fundraising strategy. In this new age of digital media, it has never been more imperative to understand not only why we need to effectively utilize digital, but how. In this session, we will explore the most popular digital media marketing channels and techniques, look at successful case studies, and discuss how we can best utilize these channels in order to effectively engage with our donors and close more major and planned gifts.