Fundraising Management

  • How to Use the Donor Life Cycle to Elevate Your Fundraising

Speaker: Cindy Atmar

How can understanding and paying attention to donor life cycle data and trends help us better manage our fundraising programs? Other than the obvious—our need to raise funds—why is it important that as a manager we help our team members focus on moving their prospects and donors through a moves management system? Explore why the donor life cycle is key to a nonprofit's success and discover ways to optimize your fundraising results and improve your overall program in this interactive and highly informative session.

  • Shaping a High-Performance Team

Speaker: Steve Testa, James Digan

James Digan and Steve Testa will be speaking on creating a successful fundraising team. Topics discussed will include building leadership depth, program development, and mentoring those on your team. The course will also hit on topics including the importance of leadership and culture in building a team, attracting talent that aligns with your leadership style, the importance of learning from one another, taking responsibility for the long-term careers of those you manage, and strengthening culture among your team.

  • Retaining Top Talent

Speaker: Eddie Thompson

This session will address four important questions: Why is the turnover rate so high? What impact does it have on fundraising? How do the best shops keep their staff? What discussion should take place with the board and executive leadership?

  • Donor Retention Strategies that Work: From First Gift to Planned Gift

Speaker: Erik Daubert, Lori Hunter Overmyer

Over the last 10 years, donor retention rates have been consistently weak, with the current retention rate at an all-time low of 46%. This session will focus on the significant GAINS that can be achieved through the implementation of an effective donor retention plan. Topics to be covered include: turning first-time donors into repeat donors, keeping the donors you currently have, and increasing donor involvement and investment—from first gift to planned gift. In this fast-paced interactive session, you'll learn strategies, techniques, and new ideas that can be immediately applied at your organization. We look forward to sharing our best practices (and more!) with YOU.