2022 Practical Planned Giving Conference

the Path Ahead

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Technical Track

  • Maximum IRA Gifts

Speakers: Jamie Holzer White, Matthew Karch

For many donors, retirement accounts represent the largest-value asset they hold. Whether an IRA or 401(k), there is a lot of money held in retirement assets. Therefore, it is important to understand to some degree how IRAs work as well as why they are a good source of charitable giving. Our discussion will include amongst other things: how an IRA works, IRA withdrawal rules, IRA beneficiary options, the various types of IRA gifts, how to make an IRA gift, as well as the benefits donors can receive when making an IRA gift. With this knowledge, donors will be able to maximize their IRA gifts and expand their charitable giving.

  • Major Gifts + Planned Gifts = Winning Equation for Blended Gifts

Speakers: Gail Orser

Too often development staff do not look at the whole picture of a donor's potential giving. Often major gift officers and planned giving officers compete instead of collaborating when working with donors. If you are a small organization with one development staff, or a large organization with many fundraisers - are you giving your donors the opportunity to think bigger and look at all their resources? Fundraising is all about the relationships. It's about showing the donor the possibilities. This session will help:

  • EMPOWER you to secure blended gifts as you work to strengthen the future of your nonprofit.
  • EQUIP you to use blended asks to have deeper donor conversations, ask more strategic questions, and close larger gifts.
  • ENABLE you to better maneuver organizational challenges as you make blended gifts part of your ongoing practices with donors.

You'll get answers and resources to the following questions:

  • How can blended gifts help you engage more donors?
  • How to determine when your fundraising program is ready to secure more blended gifts?
  • How to increase collaboration among major gift and planned giving staff?
  • How to develop a donor plan leading to a blended gift?
  • Landing Real Estate Gifts: Creative Strategies and Practical Precautions

Speaker: Stephanie Buckley

Real estate gifts can be complex and risky for a charitable organization without proper due diligence. Conversely, any planned giving program that seeks monumental gifts should consider illiquid assets, including real estate. In this session Stephanie will discuss creative strategies for accepting real estate gifts and how to approach the due diligence process.

  • Charitable Estate Settlement - Staying Classy

Speaker: James Hodgson

The session will address effective bequest administration from a charity's perspective, covering tips and best practices for (1) pre-death bequest planning with donors, (2) interfacing with estate representatives, (3) managing issues and avoiding pitfalls associated with trust and estate administration, and (4) establishing internal procedures for bequest tracking and reporting to leadership and other stakeholders at the charity.