2022 Practical Planned Giving Conference

the Path Ahead

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Successful Programs

  • The Journey to a Healthier Tomorrow: How a Renewed Focus On Gift Planning Is Advancing The Mission of Arkansas Children's

Speaker: Jill McIlroy and Lindsay Doerr

In this session, participants will follow Arkansas Children's Foundation's journey of developing a more robust gift planning program. Jill McIlroy, Executive Director of Philanthropy, and Lindsay Doerr, Vice President of Philanthropy, will discuss how the gift planning program was transformed by the implementation of nation-wide best practices; how it increased internal buy-in from senior leadership and the board; and how the organization's gift planning campaign will help move mission through investment level philanthropy. Participants will gain insights on how to strengthen a gift planning program and how to grow more planned gifts.

  • Talking Bequest Success: How to Win Friends and Influence People Across Your Organization

Speakers: Andrew Fussner and Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith and Andrew Fussner are experienced staff that oversee Bequest Administration at their respective charities. In this presentation, they will cover "how to talk bequest administration" to four categories of people at a non-profit organization - (1) fundraisers and field staff, (2) accounting/finance staff, (3) General Counsel and legal staff, and (4) senior management and the Board of Directors. As attendees may have found, it isn't always easy to communicate about bequest administration with each of these groups. After the presentation is complete attendees will have a better understanding of what motivates each group, how to speak "their" language, and be provided with tips and tricks for things to say and not say to each group.

  • The Power of Storytelling

Speakers: Nick Todd, Kim Jetton, Wayne Olson

How can Storytelling enhance your donor meetings? Storytelling can be a powerful tool to help invoke emotion and motivate a donor to make a gift. What types of stories should you be telling? What makes for a powerful story? This session will take a closer look at this powerful motivator.

  • Cryptocurrency: How to Prepare & Key Considerations

Speaker: Steven Walker and Kendra Onishi

Is your organization considering accepting gifts of cryptocurrency? While the crypto market saw its largest dip this past summer, the surge in market expansion and increasing adoption from Wall Street to Main Street over the past few years suggests this is an asset class that may be here to stay. Learn how to prepare your organization to accept these assets, and in doing so, provide your donors with another way to support your mission.