2022 Practical Planned Giving Conference

the Path Ahead

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Marketing Strategy

  • The 3 M's of Legacy Giving: Marketing, Messaging and Mirroring

Speaker: Joseph Richardson

Marketing: Marketing is the life source of any legacy giving program. With a strong marketing plan and support from Crescendo using an integrated marketing approach, you can have an energetic program in a matter of no time. Items discussed: marketing plan, e-newsletter, customized website, postcards, mission video, analytics, recognition, stewardship, and follow up.

Messaging: This is unique to every organization and will allow you to discuss your mission and vision with your donors. It is important to create your message within your marketing plan and be consistent. Items discussed: developing your message, donor story, e-newsletters, cultivation, discovery, and solicitation.

Mirroring: Mirroring is the ability to make your donor feel accepted by creating a bond within the relationship you are building. Items discussed: mirroring donors body language and speech patterns, mirroring stance; seating position; body angle; gestures; expressions; and tone.

  • The Keys to Cutting Through the Planned Giving Message Confusion to Engage More Donors

Speaker: Barry Spencer

Planned Giving messages are often complex and confusing for the donor, which can push away even some of the most qualified donors. Development professionals must be in front of more donors who are potentially qualified and interested, and they must engage donors so that donors want to have a conversation about planned giving. This session provides simple and effective planned giving language and a message that connects with donors, as well as the cost-effective marketing that reaches a wider group of donors. This session provides the donor-centric message keys and how to deliver them so donors understand and take interest.

  • Marketing Funnels, KLT and Fully Devoted Fans: Moves Management For Gift Planning, From Marketing to Gift Conversion

Speakers: Andy Ragone, Jill Rode

In this session, Jill Rode from the Music Academy of the West and Andy Ragone from Crescendo will share the theoretical and practical sides of creating, using and fine-tuning a prospect marketing funnel.

  • Three Flavors of Legacy Societies: Art, Health & Human Services, and Seniors! A Living Case Study On How To Grow a Legacy Society

Speakers: Catherine Kort, Jill Rode, Lisa Thomas

No matter where you are in your program or what your role is with your organization, we have ideas and creative solutions for you! Learn how three different organizations in Santa Barbara, California are building their legacy societies using Crescendo tools, donor stewardship, volunteer engagement, data mining and special events. Ranging from a brand new society to one established for more than 30 years, find out how to build your legacy society with information and expertise from three fund-raising professionals. Moderated by Crescendo's own Andy Ragone.