The Art of Major Gifts

  • Forming Major and Planned Gift Partnerships

Speaker: Brooke Eades

Whether by design or default, many development offices separate major and planned gift officers in silos. By working independently of each other and labeling donors as either major or planned gift prospects, not only are development offices hampering their growth potential as a team, they are leaving significant money on the table. This session will examine why the silo-mentality exists, discuss different approaches that development offices can take and provide tips to help your team move toward a more donor-centric approach.

  • The Ask: Essential Steps for Soliciting Major Donors

Speaker: Robert Wahlers

What are the essential steps for soliciting high net worth donors? This session will focus on the various ways to cultivate donors in order to find those who can make the highest level gifts. We will discuss a range of solicitation strategies with an emphasis on face-to-face asks, the importance of retention and stewardship of donors and how the utilization of mission-driven or individual-driven major gift cases for support can be a helpful tool. We will also examine the diverse psychological and emotional motivations of contributors; the development of meaningful working relationships with volunteer leaders; and targeted solicitation strategies for responding to the unique personalities, interests and needs of high-end donors.

  • How to Motivate Cash Major Gift Donors

Speaker: Charles Schultz, Lorrie Erusha, Kate Bailey

As the late Jerry Panas wrote, "Your task is to motivate your donor with all the ardor and conviction you can muster." Learn how your Donor Proposals can be tailored for a specific donor. With pictures to connect with donor heartstrings, you can raise millions in cash gifts. View actual successful proposals and learn how to raise maximum cash gifts from major donors.

  • Readying for an Endowment Fundraising Initiative—Is Now the Time for Your Organization?

Speaker: Barbara Maduell

Fewer donors are giving. Loyal donors are aging. Government funding is volatile. Endowment income may provide sustainability and flexibility today, and also provide mission insurance for the future. This session will help your organization determine if and when to prioritize endowment growth, how to position endowment without jeopardizing dollars for operating support, and what you should do "next" to ready for a focused fundraising effort. Case studies will illustrate effective strategies from organizations who diversified and strengthened their revenue streams by inviting investment for long-term reserves.