The Language of Gift Planning

  • Think Your Charity Can't Raise BIG Gifts? Think Again! Three Steps to Every BIG Gift

Speaker: Dana Holt

Do you feel like the organization you serve can't raise BIG major and planned gifts? If so, you're not alone. Bigger gifts can feel very intimidating because they seem complicated and impossible to tackle. Where do you even begin? I'm here to demystify it and point you in the right direction. There are 3 steps to every gift, and they must happen in a specific order. Try to tackle them in the wrong order and it's not going to go smoothly and may very well fizzle out. Learn these three steps and make your next big gift much simpler.

  • Cues and Clues: What Prospects Are Telling You and What You Need to Say, Then and There

Speaker: Pamela Davidson

Donors will tell you everything you need to know—if you only listen. This session will identify many of those impediments to giving and the family situations prospects are telling you about. Pamela will provide a script for your response then and there, in real time, suggesting the outline of a gift idea that could address that concern. Development's role is to prompt gift conversations with many, to move the process forward, which includes suggesting life stage gift ideas using assets.

  • It's Not What We Say, It's What they Hear that Matters

Speaker: Wayne Olson

One thing all gifts have in common is language. From a donor's first interaction until the gift is complete, words matter. In 1999 a NASA spacecraft crashed into Mars. The space agency lost $125 million and the world lost important potential research because one team working on the spacecraft used the metric system and the other used the English system. Could the same happen to our gifts, maybe without us even knowing? This session will show what themes and approaches we can use to craft our language in order to better communicate our ideas, dreams and mission. We will help complete not only more gifts, but bigger gifts and as a result, work with donors who are more engaged and happier.

  • Three Steps to Introduce the Gift Plan

Speaker: Dan Shephard

During this mini-workshop you will practice how to introduce the selected gift plan or asset in a way that is intellectually accessible and emotionally appealing to your donor, who is almost always a layperson when it comes to estate planning and tax law. The effective charitable gift planner must be able to effectively walk this layperson through the pages of an illustration for a charitable remainder trust or explain why certain details are on a questionnaire for a gift from a closely-held business.