2022 Practical Planned Giving Conference

the Path Ahead

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Grow your donor revenue by mastering strategies for successful major & planned gifts programs.

Navigating the Future

  • Artfully Ask for Anything (including money!) and get a YES in 2022

Speaker: Marcy Heim

What if you had a specific 3-sentence recipe to ask for anything? What EXACTLY do you say? Marcy's 3-sentence ask will give you AND YOUR DONOR a clear path. From the first appointment to the annual gift to continuing the conversation of a complex planned gift how do you, your team and your board get crystal CLEAR on exactly how to write and speak an ask. You may rock at creating a great relationship but the "yes" comes from a clear ask confidently delivered. Learn how to do it with Marcy.

  • Giving Trends Looking Forward from COVID-19

Speakers: Kristen Jaarda, Wayne Olson, Judi Smith, Nicola Lawrence, Lisa Chmiola

COVID-19 dramatically changed the way charities marketed and closed major and planned gifts. This session explores the trends in donor communications and giving coinciding with and looking forward from COVID-19 including virtual meetings, donor surveys, impact marketing, DAF distributions, gifts of virtual currency and more. Learn from a panel of experts how these trends will shape the future of philanthropy.

  • Using Technology and Data to Lay the Groundwork for Lean and Effective Major Gift Fundraising Campaigns

Speaker: Carolyn M. Appleton

The thought of six and seven-figure major gift campaigns often conjures up thoughts of a lot of extra staff, expensive consulting firms, and a multitude of overwhelming details. But the fact is, a small but focused and well-armed staff making use of appropriate technologies can successfully develop, implement, and succeed handily with major gift fundraising. In this session, we will learn how Carolyn has herself taken seemingly impossible campaigns and turned them into success stories. We will learn about new technologies that can support advanced research and planning to help guide major gift campaigns to successful conclusions. And we will learn about the mindset you need to succeed with major gifts in "small shop" environments.

  • How to Fly with a Black Swan: Successfully Navigating an Unexpected Crisis

Speaker: Tom Martin

Expectations run high for a Capital Campaign. The future depends on your success. But what do you do when a Black Swan appears? Learn (or be reminded of) the essential secrets for successfully navigating when an unexpected crisis suddenly threatens your campaign.