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Nov. 5

11:00 AM PDT

The Language of Gift Planning:
Three Steps to Introduce the Gift Plan

- Dan Shephard

Nov. 9

11:00 AM PDT

The Language of Gift Planning:
Think Your Charity Can't Raise BIG Gifts? Think Again! Three Steps to Every BIG Gift

- Dana Holt

Nov. 16

11:00 AM PDT

Fundraising Management:
Donor Retention Strategies that Work: From First Gift to Planned Gift

- Erik Daubert, Lori Hunter Overmyer

Nov. 18

9:00 AM PDT

All Star Fundraising:
Navigating and Accepting IRA Rollover Gifts

- Charles Schultz, Jeff Young, Frank Nico, Johni Hays

Nov. 24

11:00 AM PDT

All Star Fundraising:
Vulnerable Nonagenarians, Case Studies of Fragile Donors

- Kimberly Jetton

Dec. 1

11:00 AM PDT

All Star Fundraising:
Thanks A $Billion

- Glenn Pittsford

Dec. 2

11:00 AM PDT

Bequest Best Practices:
The Ultimate Gift: Growing the Bequest Pipeline

- Rochelle Makela-Goodman

Dec. 9

9:00 AM PDT

The Art of Major Gifts:
The Ask: Essential Steps for Soliciting Major Donors

- Robert E. Wahlers