• The Language of Gift Planning

Learn how to talk with, engage and motivate your donors to give. Get your donors excited about big gifts with Dana Holt. Let Dan Shephard coach you for successful donor conversations.

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  • The Art of Major Gifts

Learning how to do major gifts successfully is an art. Discover how to form major gifts and planned gifts partnerships from Brooke Eades. Learn from Charles Schultz and a panel of experts how to motivate your cash gift donors.

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  • Bequest Best Practices

Discover best practices for charitable bequests from Princeton's Rochelle Makela-Goodwin.

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  • All Star Fundraising

Our team of all-star fundraisers will take your program to the next level. Our panel of IRA rollover gifts experts will help you market and accept more of these cash gifts. Learn from Glenn Pittsford how to maximize planned gifts in an organization that favors current gifts. Hear Kimberly Jetton's intriguing case studies from Beverly Hills donors.

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  • Fundraising Management

Manage your giving programs better and watch them grow. Erik Daubert and Lori Hunter Overmyer will teach you donor retention strategies that work.

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  • New Horizons

Explore the latest fundraising ideas to enlighten and energize your team. Discover how to use donor surveys to turbocharge your fundraising. Learn from Kristen Jaarda how to be successful as a fundraiser coming out of COVID-19.

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