Building Toward the Future


A New Day for Gift Planning


  • The Language of Gift Planning

Learn how to talk with, engage and motivate your donors to give. Judith Smith will teach you how to build a planned giving program in 72 hours. Navigate planned giving donor conversations with Jason James Shuba. Learn planned giving lessons from popular Broadway musicals with Joe Thiegs.

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  • Major and Blended Gifts

Motivate your donors to make major gifts, planned gifts and a variety of gift blends. Unleash your hidden talents for major gifts fundraising with our panel of experts. Learn what successful Netflix shows and Major Gifts have in common from Colleen Dealy and Mitch Linker. Discover the perfect gift blends from Salvation Army fundraisers Gail Orser and Hope Hnat.

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  • Donor Cultivation

Explore strategies to help you build better donor relationships that lead to major and planned gifts. Keynote speaker Marcy Heim will help you achieve donor cultivation success. Learn how to join planned giving and major gifts with Lori Kranczer. Keynote speaker Monica Mattioli will focus on building mutually beneficial donor relationships. Cultivate giving through generations with insights from Laura Linder.

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  • Tools of the Trade

Learn the tools of the planned giving trade from seasoned practitioners. Let Jon Rich and Charles Schultz show you how to motivate donors to make planned gifts. Discover the keys to creating and marketing effective donor stories with Kyle Daniels.

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  • Top Marketing Tips

Learn the best strategies for reaching planned giving donors for all types of charitable organizations.

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  • From the Trenches

Discover new ways to market and close gifts from fundraisers in the trenches. Phil Purcell will give you the keys to closing irrevocable gifts. Hear from Livia Souza and Laura Padron how Florida International University is redefining planned giving. Learn to differentiate philanthropic from estate giving from Marc Littlecott.

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