Inspire Big Gifts

  • Building a High Revenue Major Gifts Program

Speaker: Gail Perry

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  • How To Identify Promising Major Gift Donors

Speaker: Joshua Birkholz

Pipeline management might be the single most valuable investment you can make to build high dollar philanthropy. From sourcing new donors most likely to become future major donors to predictive analytics, and from wealth screening to high-touch prospect research, prospect development is transforming how we raise money. In this exciting session, Joshua Birkholz, author of Fundraising Analytics, will provide multiple ways you might identify promising major gift donors for your organization. Expect to hear about prospect research, predictive science, social media, and other dynamic means of feeding your pipeline of prospects.

  • Effective Major Gift Proposals

Speaker: Charles Schultz, David Moore and Tammy Wernke

Learn how to increase major gifts to your nonprofit with an effective major gift donor proposal, called a Gift Case. Charles Schultz, David Moore of Chapman University and Tammy Wernke of the University of Cincinnati will show how you can motivate major donors with a four-page color Gift Case. David's Gift Case highlights student success stories and encourages donors to fund scholarships. Tammy will show how a Gift Case can lead donors to build endowment through major and planned gifts.

  • Replacing Annual Fund Dollars with Rollover Gifts

Speaker: Karla Aho and Brooke Eades

This session will explain how and why the IRA Charitable Rollover is the perfect solution to increase annual fund dollars. Learn from firsthand experience how to market and close rollover gifts and how this type of gift has actually increased annual fund results at a time when some organizations are seeing a decline in annual fund gifts. By the end of this session, you will see how you too can increase your annual fundraising results and create a "New Annual Fund" with IRA Rollover Gifts.